Making crypto safe and practical.

Bringing increased security and functionality to tried and tested software. Out now on Android!

DiveWallet isn't your ordinary crypto wallet.

We know just how difficult web3 can be to learn, so we bring a variety of features to the table to make crypto trading safer and easier, helping both new and old investors alike.


Alerts when your wallet is connected to any web3 dApp or address.


Logged Dollar Cost Average and initial amount invested.


Info on all of your tokens, including contract address, parent chain, and more.


Ability to chose your own price source from multiple options to best suit your trading needs.

Our Roadmap

Quarter 1, 2022

• Initial Whitepaper Release
• Token Contract Development
• DiveWallet Token Private Sale
• Initial Website Release

Quarter 2, 2022

• Begin Community Building
• Initial Marketing Push
• Interfi Audit
• KYC Audit
• Token Presale/Launch
• Begin Wallet Development

Quarter 3, 2022

• Wallet Development Push
• Community Building
• Private Initial App Build
• Establish Partnerships
• Continue App Testing
• NFT Collection Launch

Quarter 4, 2022 (into 2023)

• DiveWallet Beta Testing
• Finalize Initial App Build
• DiveWallet v1.0 Release
• Expand Wallet Functionality
• Distribute Ad Revenue


BUSD Reflections
Liquidity Pool
DiveWallet NFT Holders
Total Tax Per Transaction
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Our tokenomics are simple, just as we like it. We offer our holders 13% BUSD reflections so passive income can be achieved even in times when the market is slower. In addition to these reflections, our NFT holders will be granted access to another 1% of all volume, which will be periodically distributed exclusively to them. Our team tokens receive reflections so that we don't have to take a percentage away from rewards.

DiveWallet NFT Collection

With a variety of different traits and 5,000 NFTs total, the "Diver's Club by DiveWallet" NFT collection is a great way to both support our incredible community and gain access to an additional 1% in reflections, periodically split amongst only NFT holders. Hold two or more NFTs within a wallet after the initial release of the DiveWallet app, and you'll gain access to all of our DiveWallet Pro features. As of now, all NFT funds raised goes directly to supporting our initial app development and release, as we navigate this intense market.

Mint Your Diver

Our Team

Committed to bringing you the best.

Gavin L.
Telegram: @ApecDW
Jake K.
Community Manager
Telegram: @SomeOldBum
Hailey M.
Marketing/Community Manager
Telegram: @Macshack
Business/Technical Operations
Telegram: @CryptoEve01
Andrew M.
Technical/Backend Operations
Telegram: @DrecMoo
Jeremy K.
Community Engagement/Co-Founder
Telegram: @SoberIrishman