Making Crypto Safe and Practical

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DiveWallet is your next-gen crypto asset manager, loaded with innovative features including:

Web3 Alerts:

Banner alerts when your wallet is connected to any web3 address, so you don’t leave yourself vulnerable to breaches or malicious dApps.

Intuitive UI:

DiveWallet’s simple, yet effective UI helps both new and old traders alike manage their cryptocurrency assets easily and effectively.

Multi-chain Support:

DiveWallet supports Ethereum, BSC, Bitcoin, Polygon, Solana, MAXX, and more. We’re constantly adding blockchains so we can support all of your favorite tokens.

Truly Decentralized:

DiveWallet does not collect any info about our users and is a completely decentralized, non-custodial wallet, making DiveWallet secure from data breaches and attacks.

DiveWallet NFTs

With a variety of different traits and 5,000 NFTs total, the "Diver's Club by DiveWallet" NFT collection is a great way to both support our incredible community and gain access to an additional 1% in reflections, periodically split amongst only NFT holders. In addition, anyone who holds a DiveWallet NFT is granted an additional 3% APR when staking their $DWT. All NFT funds help support our company while also providing benefits to our holders in the form of passive income.

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DiveWallet Team

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Jake K.
Community Manager
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Eve B.
CBO/Graphic Design
Andrew M.
Operations/Legal Liason
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